Chapel Hills Mall in Briargate is Getting People Talking

Posted by Andrew Fortune on Friday, December 20th, 2013 at 5:23pm. 8,657 Views

As residents of Briargate in Colorado Springs know, Chapel Hills Mall has needed a make over for many years. In 2011, new owners took over the mall and started minor renovation. In 2013, these renovations have become much more significant. Here’s a news clip from Fox 21 news explaining the renovations.

 Recent Renovations:

  • 8 Storefronts Renovated
  • New H&M
  • Newly Remodeled Prime Sports
  • New American Eagle Outfitters
  • Brand New Movie Theater!!!

The new movie theater is a major attraction to the community, as the two closest theaters previously were on Powers Dr. and Academy Dr. Residents are flocking to Chapel Hills Mall, according to Fox 21 news, proving that the Carmlike Chapel Hills 15 Movie Theater was a great investment for the Northern Colorado Springs & Briargate areas. Only time will tell how well consumers agree, but current shopping statistics for Chapel Hills Mall make the future look promising. How does this affect you as a home buyer? Briargate is already a thriving area. Homes can sell within the same week of being listed when priced right and presented well. The major renovations of Chapel Hills Mall will increase demand for the area, adding greater value to local home owner’s property.

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