Careless Driving in Colorado Snow

Posted by Andrew Fortune on Tuesday, January 7th, 2014 at 10:23am. 6,299 Views

Careless Driving in Colorado Springs SnowColorado has become the 4th fastest growing state in the U.S. in recent years. Since we have so many out-of-state home buyers, I receive many questions about the dangers of driving on snow and ice. I've seen an increase is new residents from Texas and Arizona recently. Some of these people have never been in snow at all. With the recent freeze throughout the Northern U.S. this month, this topic has come up quite a bit in conversation. Here is a video from YouTube filmed just a few days ago in Colorado Springs on I-25. As you can see, careless driving in Colorado is an issue when the weather gets bad. Many of the drivers in this video should have never been traveling at those speeds, or should have never been on the roads at all.

Here are 3 tips to help you drive in snow if you are new to the area.

1.) Make Sure You Have Good Snow Tires

In case you're not aware, regular all-terrain tires won't cut it during a cold front. You need some good snow tires to keep your vehicle on the road. Don't go cheap either. You pay for what you get in most cases. Do some research and ask around if you need advice on which tires will work best for your vehicle. Here a good video with some great info on snow tires: YouTube Snow Tire Video

2.) Get a Front-Wheel or 4-Wheel Drive Vehicle

front wheel driveWhen I drive in the snow, I'm always looking out for people in old Cameros or heavy rear wheel drive vehicles. These are the most dangerous vehicles on the road. When a vehicle is being powered from the rear, the front end has very little ability to grip the road. When a vehicle is being pulled from the front, the rear end will follow the motion of the front wheels. If you live in the area and you have a rear wheel drive vehicle, I highly recommend trading it in for something that is 4 wheel drive or front wheel drive.

3.) Relax and Take it SLOW

Being stressed while driving can cause you to over react if you start to slide off the road. First of all, if you are driving on snow and ice, you need to take it slow so that you have time to react in case something goes wrong. If and when something does happen, try to relax and don't slam on the brakes. Let the wheel guide you a bit and try to slide to the safest place the you see ahead. If you slam on the brakes or jerk the wheel, you will likely turn your vehicle sideways and cause much more damage.

If you can avoid driving during a cold front, then I would suggest that. My family and I plan all of our driving around the cold fronts. When the front is over and the sun comes out, we try to stock up and take care of all our tasks while the roads are thawed out. If you absolutely have to drive, use the tips above and try to stay safe. Remember, you may be a cautious driver, but the other drivers on the road may not be.

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