A Buyer's REALTOR® Should Not Be A Salesperson

Posted by Andrew Fortune on Sunday, January 12th, 2014 at 2:18am. 12,353 Views

Sell, Sell, Sell......

When I first became a REALTOR®, I started working for one of the major brokerages and I was disheartened when my class instructor said, "you may think you're not a salesperson, but get over it. Every REALTOR® is a salesperson." I was then taught to constantly remind every person in my "sphere of influence" that I am a REALTOR®. Targeted phone calls, emails, business cards, and strategic conversations were a main part of the training. Sell, sell, sell.... youself. Brand yourself all day long. This was the message.

Unfortunately, I think the video below displays how many people view REALTORS®. (especially first-time home buyers)

I hate sales pressure and pushy business practices, so i decided to take a different path with my real estate career. It was my bad experience with past REALTORS® that motivated me to get into the real estate business in the first place. I decided to ignore all the sales training and focus on easier ways to inform buyers of ALL their options, rather than pushing to close deals. I was nervous because many industry leaders were sending signals that I would fail if I was not aggressive to close deals.

A home purchase is the largest purchase that 99% of us will ever make. Buyer's remorse on a home purchase can change someones life in the worst ways. To be "sold" a home can be devastating. Buying a home is different than buying a pair of shoes. Good REALTORS® advise and counsel home buyers, but never steer or push them along. The real estate agents that I admire in the industry are trained to listen and advise their clients, without forcing them in any direction. These well-advised home buyers are ultimately in control every step of the way. Every home for sale has a positive AND negative side to it. Counseling home buyers on ALL these details is the most valuable asset a great Colorado Springs REALTOR® can offer.

Bad Colorado Springs Realtors

I've heard stories from friends and clients of REALTORS® promoting houses based on "future developments" that are just hypothetical situations. It happened to my wife and I during one of our first home purchases. We were told that the neighborhood was scheduled to have a special kids splash pad constructed within a few months. We lived there 3 years and it never happened. That neighborhood was then re-zoned to a less appealing school district, causing our home value to drop. This is all info that our REALTOR® would have known about, but didn't bother to tell us. Once our deal was under contract, we never heard from him again. Luckily, the title company took the contract once it was executed and was helpful in coaching us along to the closing date.

If you work with a REALTOR® who is patient with you, listens to your needs, and gives sound advice when needed, you have found a great asset. Be sure to let them know that you appreciate them. It's a hard job that can get a bad reputation from lousy past experiences. I'm always nervous to tell people that I'm a REALTOR® when I first meet them because I don't want to be judged through the perspective of their last real estate experience. If you have a great Real Estate Agent, please feel free to post their info below to promote them and maybe send them an email while you're thinking about it to let them know that you appreciate them.

Best Colorado Springs Realtors

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