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Looking at Homes Online Versus In Person Real Estate Infographic

In an effort to help online home shoppers avoid the emotional let down of falling in love with homes before they visit them, I wrote this article to point out some of the main differences between online listings and real life homes.

I often get contacted by homebuyers in Colorado Springs who have found their dream home online and want to see it immediately. They haven't communicated with a real estate professional yet, and they haven't looked at a home in person for many years, but somehow they know that the home they just found online is the right one. Usually, they have been looking online for a few months and the excitement has been building. This is very common for first time home buyers. After personally showing homes for so many years, I’m


This article has since been UPDATED with a NEW infographic and blog post. Please CLICK HERE to view it.

Infographic Basic Steps to Buying A House in Colorado Springs

The steps to buying a house can seem exhaustive, even if you have already been through the process. For first-time home buyers, these steps can get confusing very easily. It's hard to remember each step of the process when you're in the emotional roller coaster of buying a home. I created this article as a reference to help you through the process as you go through each step.


This is everyone's lease favorite step of the home buying process, but it is the foundation that the whole process relies on. How can you know what price range to focus your home search efforts if you do not yet know how much


Which Local Real Estate IDX Websites Actually Rank On Google in 2019?
Click the link to see see the results from our latest study.

IDX Broker Platinum ReviewI'm in the very last stages of flipping a house, but today rather than finishing up, I decided to stop everything to write this post because of the phone call I just had with IDX Broker. I wish someone would have written a post like this when I first started building my real estate website 4 months ago.

I have personally invested hundreds of  hours into my site, It has only been live for a few months now, but is currently receiving over 60,000 page views each month. That may not seem like a lot compared to some veteran sites, but for just a few months of SEO, I'm very pleased with it. As I


My wife and I have homeschooled our daughters for many years. We have had great success homeschooling and will probably continue for many more years to come. Homeschooling is not for everyone, but it has worked out well for us. There are many benefits to homeschooling, but our main reason for doing so is having more time with our kids. What I want to write about today is how homeschooling can benefit you in your home search. When I work with families who homeschool, or if I am looking for a home for my family, I am reminded of these real estate benefits that homeschooling families enjoy; below I have listed 3 main ones.

homeschooling while home shopping 

#1 Realtor Point Moving Isn't As Hard on the Family

When I was a child, my family moved from Washington, to Idaho, then to Georgia, and


The National Association of Realtors has been working on establishing a ".realtor" top level domain for real estate agents. This top level domain option may have SEO ranking benefits over the long term and open up new possibilities for the heavily competitive real estate domain market.


realtor domain name

Right now, any member of NAR can register to secure their free .realtor domain name for one year. This is limited to the agents personal name. For instance, my free domain would be Other .realtor domains will be opened up as well for a fee. For instance, I would be interested in This may have some SEO benefits and may help new startup real estate website find branding credibility.


Don't Be Afraid of the Mortgage Loan Process

The first step in the home buying process is to determine how you are going to pay for the home. Most of us do not have enough cash to purchase a home without a loan (unfortunately), so we have to find someone to lend us the money. This is intimidating for many of us, so we put off the home mortgage pre-approval process until the last minute.

This can lead to disappointment if we spend many hours looking at homes and planning our future living situation, only to be let down by a loan officer later on. However, there really is no need to feel intimidated. The mortgage loan pre-approval process is not difficult.

Local loan officers in Colorado Springs are very excited to gain new clients. When you approach a loan officer to discuss your mortgage


Sell, Sell, Sell......

When I first became a REALTOR®, I started working for one of the major brokerages and I was disheartened when my class instructor said, "you may think you're not a salesperson, but get over it. Every REALTOR® is a salesperson." I was then taught to constantly remind every person in my "sphere of influence" that I am a REALTOR®. Targeted phone calls, emails, business cards, and strategic conversations were a main part of the training. Sell, sell, sell.... youself. Brand yourself all day long. This was the message.

Unfortunately, I think the video below displays how many people view REALTORS®. (especially first-time home buyers)

I hate sales pressure and pushy business practices, so i decided to take a different path


Careless Driving in Colorado Springs SnowColorado has become the 4th fastest growing state in the U.S. in recent years. Since we have so many out-of-state home buyers, I receive many questions about the dangers of driving on snow and ice. I've seen an increase is new residents from Texas and Arizona recently. Some of these people have never been in snow at all. With the recent freeze throughout the Northern U.S. this month, this topic has come up quite a bit in conversation. Here is a video from YouTube filmed just a few days ago in Colorado Springs on I-25. As you can see, careless driving in Colorado is an issue when the weather gets bad. Many of the drivers in this video should have never been traveling at those speeds, or should have never been on the roads at all.

Here are 3


Home buying tips - Avoid the greed monsterHaving gone through the home buying & selling process many times myself, I have become more aware of something that I see in first-time home buyers, and even some seasoned home buyers:  The Greed Monster!

This home buying tip is one that doesn’t get talked about enough. It’s something that everyone can relate to if we’re all honest. The Greed Monster has kept me from many hours of sleep in my lifetime. This monster is sneaky and causes consumers to become irrational and frantic. The psychology behind the Greed Monster is interesting and worth discussing.

Most home buyers go through the same processes. Some will start off researching home buying tips, but most people will just start browsing for homes on the internet and gathering their favorite


colorado wildfire black forestEvery year, Colorado’s residential areas grow and spread into new terrain that was previously wild. This causes the vegetation to be adjusted and disrupted to facilitate new development. The problem is that Colorado Wildfires do not always agree with these changes. Colorado has historically always had wildfires and needs them to maintain a natural harmony between the dead shrubbery and the new plant growth to come.

A “Must See” Documentary About Colorado Wildfires

The Denver Post just created an impressive video documentary about the Colorado wildfire process and how it has changed over the years. If you are a resident of Colorado, or are planning to move here, I highly recommend watching this short documentary. It does a great job of explaining the