Meet REALTOR® Rhonda Blain

Rhonda Blain Colorado Springs Realtor

Hi Everyone! I am getting close to 20 years in this business and it never fails to excite me and stir up that passion I have for homes, architecture, acres and acres of land and all things that fit under the “umbrella” of real estate. I absolutely LOVE what I do! I have never been the “pushy salesperson” type but I am passionate about real estate and passionate about the rehabilitation of real estate properties. The clients I have become my “Chosen Family” for the period of time that I work with them and they always get my best advice and opinions so that they can make their decisions accordingly. If I wouldn’t advise my daughter to buy a property, I won’t advise you to buy it. I know that if you buy the best investment you are able to purchase, given your parameters for the transaction, it will be a win-win for both of us and create a lasting relationship that will serve us both well in the years to come. And, if I can advise you and market, for the sale of your home, in a way that nets you the best return on your investment, we both come out on top! That is my goal in every transaction.

I am so happy that I live here with the gorgeous nature that we have all around us and with the incentives we have to live a healthy lifestyle. I enjoy hiking and exploring all the history and the unique places that Colorado has to offer and I love to travel to other places which usually gives me an even stronger love for Colorado when I return here. This area is the best!

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